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Sponsor an International Delegate

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Why Sponsor?

Have you ever had a moment when you felt you made a difference for eternity? I remember sharing with a young man in Northern India who, until that day, had never heard the name of Jesus even one time. While I shared, something in his heart began to stir. As he prayed to receive Jesus, his countenance changed before my eyes. Suddenly he knew his sins were gone. I would have walked over hot coals for that moment!

The only thing thatís given me greater joy is when someone Iíve encouraged is used by God to impact eternity. Itís like being a grandparent. You see your life multiplied through the lives of others.

In a few short weeks we will host 65 international leaders for four days in Houston. Why are they coming? Theyíve been invited to share compelling stories of Godís activity in their communities, cities and nations. Several are experiencing modern day awakenings. God is doing what only He can do. Let me give you a few examples.

In more than one case a movement of united prayer has reached a tipping point. Godís Presence has become tangible and people are responding in great numbers. In another place authentic expressions of compassion have touched the lives of the most vulnerable in society. The broken have been healed and are being used to transform their own communities. In Northern India God has visited a group of orphan children. They are aglow with His Spirit and are bringing His love to entire villages. In still another case the history of a nation is being rewritten as decades of ethnic hatred is replaced by the gospelís power.

These international leaders will pour their lives into servant catalysts from cities across the U.S. Although Transform World Houston is an invitation-only leadership event, we believe the ripples will continue to spread across our nation.

Hereís the bottom line. Our international colleagues are paying their own ways to get here. No honorariums or offerings are planned. Why would they do this? Their hearts are yearning. Their faith is engaged. They believe it is Godís time for an awakening to begin here.

We want to welcome them and honor them once they arrive by providing their lodging, meals and local expenses. Weíve negotiated some great rates and have a modest budget of $500 per person for each of our international delegates.

Hereís what you can do. You can sponsor one or more of our international delegates for Transform World Houston. You may choose to do this as a personal sponsor, a business sponsor, a local church sponsor or as part of a sponsoring team from your community.

When you do you will be partnering with an international leader as he or she invests in the lives of leaders across our nation. We believe it is an investment that will pay eternal dividends for years to come, one that will be multiplied over and over again.

To sponsor one or more International Delegates, simply follow the instructions above. Or talk to any member of the Houston Host Team for more information.

Gratefully His,

Tom Victor
Houston Host Team Facilitator
Transform World Houston

PS: We are working on plans for a special reception so that our Transform World Guest Sponsors can meet our international guests personally.

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